“Point Break”

When did you arrive?
How did you arrive?
Did you boil?
Did you bubble up inside?
When is it enough?
How is it enough ?
Were you in denial?
Did it seem fake?
When did you learn?
How did you learn ?
Making the same mistakes…
Its become a choice.
Are you not the least concerned?
You say you hurt;
yet forward looks a lot like reverse.
You`ve been victimized…
By love and her cohorts.
So when is it quits?
When do you stop putting up with the shit?
When do you react for you?
take away its control
and get back to what’s best for you…
The act of only loving you….
© Da Absentee 2012
Sometimes we have to shake off the negative people and things in our lives. Sometimes we have to ask  “when is enough, enough?” When will we stop hurting ourselves to possibly make the negative better? How about making yourself better?
As Always…
Stay Positive!

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