“Dead Fountain”

I recall when it was new, marble base, crystal waters you could see through. That new in love, that  can’t get enough of. It would radiate in the sun and moon beams, growing momentum. Nothing between.

Giving life and besting the weather. Easily unsullied with a fraction of attention \ affection. A little love and hard times seemed to disappear. Just like they were never there, never seen. Getting back up, no matter how much you fall. At the ready; to answer the call.

No longer shifting, no reason to mingle. Heavy laden with dirt, moss and grime. It does not flow, much less sprinkle. Chipped, broken and beaten. No longer sharing, no longer giving.

A tomb for the ones with a lost for living…

© Da Absentee 2012


What we can become…

As Always…

Stay Positive!

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