“Tell You Why…”

What has happen since the beginning…
whatever it is
it’s different
now and then; back then;
all I wanted was more “intense” 
put anyone on the floor
feel you from a thousand miles away
to pick up the phone to say”I can hear when you thinking of me”

6th sense love
have it now…

can’t find the rainbow;
can’t touch the pot of gold …Description changing

about to unfold,
become undone.
looking at it…
I “told” myself you were the one.I didn’t want to be fake,

so I threw my heart in & gave it my all
now i`m so engrossed…
I don’t, I know, I can’t fall…
For everyone’s sake.
I hold and support everything…
Who am I
degrade the work & blessings given to me…
my family?I have let it be known…

I don’t want to continue this.
Be a part of this life we have created…
I can’t tell you why…Why you love me so much;

I know you do…
I have transformed your being.
Even if you didn’t tell me
I knew
I`ve loved you how every woman needs
would want to be loved.
Turned your whole panoramic view around,
bared more than asked of me.I can’t tell you why?

If I want to be me…

Because nowadays
when I think of me
I don’t like me
matter of fact
I’m not even me
caught myself being fake to me
Can you tell me why?
© Da Absentee 2011
As Always…
Stay Positive!

2 responses to ““Tell You Why…”

  1. EXACTLY. awesome poem. these words really spoke to me-

    “I “told” myself you were the one.I didn’t want to be fake,
    so I threw my heart in & gave it my all
    now i`m so engrossed…
    I don’t, I know, I can’t fall…
    For everyone’s sake.
    I hold and support everything…”

    personally, i can totally relate, i tend to hold back, to not love, but once i chose to love someone, i go all in. i try not to be fake, if i say i’ll give us a real shot, i try to really give us a real shot. and then i have to keep it going especially once families have met, etc… and then i feel like im the one holding everything together, and that can’t be me. not in love anyway..’

    anyway, im not entirely sure if that’s what you wrote, or just what i read into it, but that’s the sign of a great poem, when you write something that everyone can read their own story into. best poem from you. i love this. like really really love this.


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