Everywhere I Go…

Everywhere I go
No matter where I go
I know I take you with me…

wherever I go
no matter where I go
I know your here with me…

I live our memories
I carry you in my heart
wherever I go…

your always with me
everywhere I go
wherever I go…

unbeknownst the layers are thick
bloodline carry unique demographic

roads traveled; long
I don`t understand the words
automatic somethings we build on

heart in tune
the rhythm to my spine
I understand… undeniable time

working all day
with stress piling on
caffeinated drink in my hand
that’s not going cut it for too long
got you on my back telling me I’m wrong
feel like a slave
and I need me a song
cuz im here holding on
and with that said “I’m goin carry on”

you left me in the flames of the day light
knowing you weren’t going to extinguish me by night
seeking for at least one way to get right
but I`m alright

and I see and I know
i`m at peace with no fear
i`m ready to go
the devil is calling
my clock ticks slow
clouds ride and sit low…

everywhere i go…

© Da Absentee 2012

Thoughts – 22

As my years seem to go by
I look in the reflection to smirk, and say I think I like this guy
battled far, battled long
I fight hard and seem to always carry a song
I know plenty
sometimes that seems to strike me empty
I miss my love
wish I had more family to share my love
I have been torn, better yet broken
it seems I was always on a track
to be outspoken
I see my brother
dont understand how he went wrong
I speak to my sister,
I just wanna shake her
scream at her whats wrong.
You all cant be the same blood
that my parents
love to say they spent money on
I laugh
this is what I choose to write on my birthday
I really have lost the lust for it
too bad the thing about my birthdays
as far as I can remember
have always been solemn like this

(C) Da Absentee 2012

Birthday: 03/09