Thoughts – 22

As my years seem to go by
I look in the reflection to smirk, and say I think I like this guy
battled far, battled long
I fight hard and seem to always carry a song
I know plenty
sometimes that seems to strike me empty
I miss my love
wish I had more family to share my love
I have been torn, better yet broken
it seems I was always on a track
to be outspoken
I see my brother
dont understand how he went wrong
I speak to my sister,
I just wanna shake her
scream at her whats wrong.
You all cant be the same blood
that my parents
love to say they spent money on
I laugh
this is what I choose to write on my birthday
I really have lost the lust for it
too bad the thing about my birthdays
as far as I can remember
have always been solemn like this

(C) Da Absentee 2012

Birthday: 03/09


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