For What It’s Worth

For what its worth
I think I was put here to save your life
it may have been a hell of a ride
i probably have too many things to reconcile
but it was worth it

for what its worth
i gave love more than you could comprehend
its worth every ounce because it wasnt pretend
i wont be with you forever
but that love will be with you til your end

for what its worth
if you know better do better
everyone can`t be lead actor and director
and for what its worth
some words shouldnt…
Be on the same page together

(C) Da Absentee 2012


Fill My Drift…

These days
my thoughts always drift to you. Imagining how you feel.
The right courses of touch.
Your taste and how I would fluff.
Bask in the details
and the curves of your tail.
Floating on air of in/exhale.
How to lead you to bliss.
These are the only things that nowadays…
fill my drift…

(C) Da Absentee 2014

As Always…
Stay positive!