“Thoughts – 26”


I take this ride

Every now and then

I close my eyes momentarily;

stealing moments

Stealing moments…

Just enough

so im not lost;

I have paid the piper;

all he is owed

He has given all he could show…
Hate to back track;

Doing this would give unusual discomfort

Should this use of time be only to retort

The time,

the passion,

the fluid…

Life can be

is wicked…

How so?

How and why not anything else with power…

It just can

can make it happen…
I claim I am man.

I claim I am; who I am…

Yet still…

I claim to be so much more.
I want…

I need…

more than before.
© Da Absentee 2015

As Always…

Stay Positive!

“Thoughts – 25”

There is always..
something new 

new Hurdle

new obstacle

new blemish

new spot 

new fork

new path 

new somewhere to go

We can never expect the smooth 

Always looking

always living in the rough

the things that escape

The things get away from us…

© Da Absentee 2015
As Always…

Stay Positive!