“We Should Be”

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I`m confused; misplaced the love wrapped up in you
Can it be used
Even salvaged

Everything can be going right then we make a left
And we wrong
Possibly summed up in a sappy, silly love song
Replaced by everyday existence
Trial, tribulation.
Trouble and a dollar

I know you hurt
I see you cry
Even tho no tears are shed
I see it in your eyes
Your scared and its dark outside
The wheels will turn to get us out of there.
Out of here…


Get us somewhere, someplace
We should be.
A tad more vibrant
A drop more bold
Someplace where our union can focus and hold
Become an affirmation for others to see example of real

And fantasy…

Β© Da Absentee 2012


This is a re-write of another poem which I re-visited. So its new & improved.

Every couple has their disagreements. Even in adverse times we all should have the goal to be better in everything we do or are a part of. We all want and deserve the best.

You can listen right here>>

As Always…

Stay Positive!

4 responses to ““We Should Be”

  1. When both reach a “Oneness” together, their first thoughts are of their loved one not themselves. It becomes a place where when they see their loves one’s face they see the Lord, and When they see the Lords they see what His love has blessed them with!. He created us in His image both man and woman! We should strive to rid ourselves of selfishness, which will handcuff us and stop us from sharing fully of ourselves. For the Lord came to give to us, life everlasting, love, healing, feeding, saving, blessing…and He told us to follow him, emulate Him, and when we do, our lives will be full of abundant blessings, as we realize how true love is made in His image.


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