I see the growth in me

I feel the growth in me

I see and feel the need…

to keep this growth with me
life moves at such a pace 

Its frigid yet fast paced

Depressing and succession based

Upsets with love and lusts

Entombed; yet flower laced
Im doing things different

Really feeling the time difference

Seeing my time different
Living and dying 

same instant, Same movement

Expansion with confinement

Responsibilities bring duress

Animation supports transition

From simple to complex…

© Da Absentee 2016
“As Always…. Stay Positive!”

2 responses to ““Evolution”

  1. I really enjoyed this poem. The vibe and flow of your words are very moving and powerful, and that goes for the other pieces that I’ve read thus far!

    Liked by 1 person

    • First thanx for following and thanx dropping by. Thank you for taking the time to attempt to hear yourself in my words. The thoughts just come & i would love everyone to be positive at all times


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