“New to me, New to you”

Visiting the Past…

Da Absentee

I will make our story true

Because in some places its a lie

Trying in the eyes of others.

Make them see what could have been

what should have been true

How we work together.

How i have been hurting you

How we can surpass the end of time.

Faithful and true; what are the parts of me, that are you….

As snow birds and travelers move about

allochthonous… misplaced but leaving a mark.

A plain of discovery.

Parts that are hurting yet growing me

Is it ok to partake of selective fruit

What blends of pudendal juice

Wanting to be dissected

Small circle questions

could he ask

How dare that enter the mind

The world is too big too many choices

To fill and empty 1 glass

Knowing my mind

Reviewing our time

the past was the last

Open mind open time

Plural or singular you are always mine

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