She’s Beautiful…

Yes I am
An identity all my own.

I am X & Y

at the same time

Boxed by the ignorant, 

shallow minded and feeble

I have no self-esteem issues

Nothing wrong with me

Nothing wrong with the collection of things

I call “self”


Nothing askew with my personality 

faults are in my environment 

I can 

I will 

rule the world


Guide to the new century

The world is in its place 

where it needs to be

Revolving around me

They say I lost my “voice” 

To attract the boys 

Lost & misplaced myself  

to gain appeal

Stifling my opinions, interests & self worth 

We know 

I know 

esteem grows as I grow

I am far from fragile

Not conflicted

I am not fraud

Who dares to say “I… am worthless”

I am not ambivalent 

I have a higher moral resolve than all these boys

more ethical

I can express my opinions 

I share what I am thinking

Express what’s important to me

Essential to the blueprint of the future


Share whats on my mind

I can be the cause of wars 

Transformed into a muse 

Suffered the timeless abuse

With a voice stronger than some 

Initial instinctual protection

I own my intelligence

Dabble in appearance 

That man can not produce

What I speak becomes truth

One day

They will look and say…

She’s beautiful…

© Da Absentee 2015

As Always…

Stay Positive!

Thoughts – 24

I’m really


trying to ground myself in reality

Keep telling me 

asking me 

whats wrong with me

Im solid im straight

What I need 

what I believe is 2 different things

I need my own peace. 

What I believe

We shouldn’t fall apart because of material

But material is what i need 

to continue to provide the cereal

The material is what provides the shelter

Material keeps the kids in school

Keep this internet and the cable 

you cant sit in this house without on.   

It keeps the car note paid 

Keeps the car on the road 

sorry if 

I’m caught up in the material thread

I’m sorry 

if it’s the only thing that’s filling my head

Bond and strength 

At this rate 

I might as well be dead…

© Da Absentee 2015

As Always…

Stay Positive!