I`ve been waiting and wanting
for u to engage me
i`ve waited and used control
the heat causes me to perspire

But time wont let me exhale
it goes without fail
u know I need u close
to keep it up

I need it I want it
I can’t hold it anymore
I need your touch
to exhale like before

© Dual Perspective 2011

As Always…
Stay Positive!


A lonely ride…
most keep to themselves
keep what they are thinking
on the inside.

fine and dandy
one step to insanity
five steps from normal.

for good fortune
being needs to be nurtured
cared for; developed.

let go without a whim
unlock from within
bound in separation.

Few take this ride
tell what they have inside
can you think straight
battling through your test of faith

only time will tell
your tale
we don’t know
if evil or good will prevail…

© Da Absentee 2012




I to you
plans to unfold successfully
stability never-ending
infinite as mathematics
traceable with repeat-ability
someone to confide
dreams, secrets, aspirations
even appreciate your dark-side
understand who you are
your judge not bound
by law or regulation

I to you
stand and stick
by you
there to our end
together as shadows…
complementing instruments
an ensemble…

I promise now
promised then
if it comes down to it
ever forgotten
i`ll remind
and promise it

© Da Absentee 2011

As Always…
Stay Positive!


Travel to this bridge
half way across this bridge
foundation paper
certified – proceed
continue at prior speed
before stepping off this bridge
remember what was taught
what was experienced
What was said
take those final steps
so that you can embark on the road ahead

© Da Absentee 2012


One look at life…

As Always…

Stay Positive!



Wanting to be better
that’s why we see people like this
hash out emotions rarely spoken
hash out feelings off base from token
I wish I  was joking
I see walls being broken
using sleep to escape depression
using work to get out aggression
cautious walking in my “state of mind” library section
how did I end up here…
little recollection
lost in moments of self inspection
lost in the instances
lost in the seconds
is there any detection
searching for a glimpse of connection
lost in this warm Colorado breeze
lost in its seclusion
lost because I don’t care
is this getting somewhere
do the eyes on the other side
even comprehend with this share
because I purposely left myself out there…

© Da Absentee 2012


This is a reminder to myself. The mood captured in this is the reason I end every post with Stay Positive. The negative is always right around the corner…

As Always…

Stay Positive!