“Inspector #9”

I don’t carry a clipboard, pen or badge
self-appointed; if it’s a career one can havewhen I go in,
in-between the fence and doors
they let me in

I turn on all the lights
I do inspections during the day
but highly prefer at night

the handbook I lay faith in
always leads me to the bottom
after my initial look over

Looking into the cracks of the establishment
and I go through all the meat
I taste, poke, lick and suck
glove and probe if need be

I like to search all the folds
to insure its clean

I ask management how is landscaping done
manicure checked
if utensils are washed after every rotation

I ask for samples and a self-evaluation
I like the business to show confidence
even in frustration

weird positions, odd jobs and the turn over rate
if I don’t like the answers
I possibly check back at a later date

I search for hot zones, check boiling points
services offered
what it looks for in a lucrative relationship

I ask for future goals and employee aspirations
as I do my inspection
I don’t see nothing wrong with a one way conversation

I like to focus on the task at hand
fill my hands…
mouth and nostril glands
looking for the essence
and where we both stand

I have a job to do
and I do it as I am.

© Da Absentee 2011
Having fun with expression…  I always think that my Erotic Poetry speaks for its self…
As Always…
Stay Positive!

“When We”


Breathe in, moan out, let’s kiss beyond mouths

Mingle with dreams, walk with stars, and air each others body out.

I love the way you clit chat, and the way I indulge you back,

Juice mix… thick cream, cloudy liquid, sweat and spit… You know its addictive when we mix it up like this!

Hmmmm baby… let’s get deeper into it….let your tongue make love to mine…

Lets toss them up… Flip; twist; suck and try to pin them down…
I want to get deep in “like”, taste your mind, you in mine…

Our skins sweat desires, raging, lusting, pushing, thrusting …
We’re on a high beyond this space of time,

When I’m in you, I’m froze in time.
Watching your reactions…
watching your body shake, watching the face you make.
Lifting your legs, trying to dig deeper in place

You nibble right there…
squeeze me right there, touch me over here…
Biting lips, pulling hair….
containment breaks way to my screams on the air

I like those sounds…  They get deep in my soul, speeding me up to “lose control”, any which way…  
On our knees, under me, even you on top of me.  

Whatever the mood dictates,  Whatever your body language says, whatever we do is fair game……
Obedient to this… I’m loving the sound of your name

“Yea baby” is my only reply…  
I’m trying to stay in tune…
with the beat of the room…  
I want to hold you closer in this dance…
I can feel the end coming soon.

Kiss me deep, thrust in me…
pull me close, doing all that we wish…  
Our forever’s fading….  
This that good shit…  
let’s go for once more after this.

As I grab…
As I kiss…
As I try to feel all of it…  
as we do all of this…
I’m whispering in your ear…  
“I love this ; I love this”…  

No… Me;  
just us and what we do, seems like eternal in a timed space,
I’m loving the magic  
breathing in your face  

As I feel the heat from your lungs….  
I close my eyes…
I feel that last growth inside.  
I’m trembling inside,  
I rest my head on your chest…  
my heart opens wide…  

I love it when we…  

feel like we died…

© Dual Perspective 2011


Another installment from the DP project . One of my personal favorites. As a man I guess sex is always on my mind. I just know I love the idea of 2 being 1 and in the rare moments of love-making there is nothing else but making that love come to a climax…

As Always…

Stay Positive!

“Golden” #Repost


Silent behind 4 walls
sunrise, cool night breeze lingers in the window.
eventful day, schedule shows
first back & forth
silhouettes erode
breakfast, clean and launder clothes
buttery eggs
with toast on salty lips
days off
no face
no clock ticks
work indoors as the day glows
some skin exposed.
Turning transition clears turns, turns you to me…
we clean every which way
reflection cleaner to class the day
you’re in solid form
almost norm
fluff all the right places
just my height
just my taste
you know your just my shape
fruit salad your just my plate
wax, polish, spit shine
with a slow song written all over your face
the salad, green tart grapes
easy music listening
dishes sparkling, shotting gin on a lazy day
stirred not shaken
regular wash
hardly starched
don’t need you done up
just lightly dressed
sandals, panties, bra, worn flowered dress
not going anywhere so you can skip the rest
hints and quips
never speech
silent but understood
bending. sweeping. standing on feet.
I just stare…
everything else .. obsolete
smell of fresh clean laundry fills the air
kid searching… find them nowhere
just me & you
you & me
I & you
you & I…
lovely how the time…
…turtles… by
quick snack
20 minute adult nap
barter nick knacks
warm popsicle
for a hot snatch
then calibrate the rest of the day
just to relax.
sun floats down while the night falls
finally we drift silent behind 4 walls…

© Da Absentee 2011


When I wrote this, I was in the middle of a mini vacation where it so happen that the wife and I were able to spend the day alone. Without the kids “enjoying ourselves”.

As Always…

Stay Positive!

“For Play, Foreplay, Our Play – 3″

quiet ..
focused on task at hand
apparently me in control
wont suffice
have and got
the rest of the night

tender touches
arms and legs
gliding through the air
bed sheets
dresser and chairs

anytime anywhere
heat and energy
bond to fluency

pressure treasures

our play
attempt to make it
© Da Absentee 2011


As Always…
Stay Positive!