NaPoWriMo: Day 13 Prompt

I’m ready…
The day is done
Or is it the night?…
Its cold out there
And the sun wont be bright
Snows coming down
Wind blowing right
Just means the cold is going to bite
Punch these numbers to the clock
Everything buttoned
Everything tight
I’m off
Starting my day by ending my night
Lets make this as speedily as possible
Feet sinking into the powder
Step by quick step
these moccasins are going to get wet
slush, slide,
down the street
through the hotel parking lot
down the back then up the bridge
down the bridge
I can feel the jacket getting heavy with the spring snow
white turns to brown
as traffic slides by slow
some splash and miss me
I’m walking on
tam down low
headphones on
I’ve reached my destination
waiting for this bus to get on

© Da Absentee 2013


Trying my hand at the prompt from April 13th for National Poetry Writing Month. Taking a walk and using the observations to inspire. If Anyone would like to find out more about NaPoWriMo please feel free to visit the website.>>> 

As Always…

Stay Positive!

NaPoWriMo : Day Seven Prompt

I am here living in the here and now.
I battle with the fear of failure.
I am going to learn from this of course.
This is something I cant be taught how.
This is where I stand holding onto a railing.
This lesson called life is a never ending force.
Will I have the virtue to continue when I arrive at my forks?

(C) Da Absentee 2013


I decided to try my hand at todays prompt. Tell me what you think.
April is National Poetry Month and I have included the link below to the website if any of my followers wanted to participate or learn more about activities.

As Always…

Stay Positive!