Scribbles – 35

When you know how it feels to be torn down…

You should always look for opportunities to build people up…

-Da Absentee-

Getting Nowhere

-unknown author-

On being a mother;

i shelter and protect, put there needs first

i lose myself and i lose respect.

this is how i became me

i am alone

so where has it gotten me

On being a wife

i gave him all of my life

i am a shadow of my former self

and he dares to tell me

i am not myself

this is how i became me

i am support

but where has it gotten me

On being a friend

i encourage and share my secrets with them

i lose trust and they unbalance my zen

and they say i act like

i am better than them

this is how i became me

i am therapist

but where has it gotten me

On being a co-worker

i work hard and play for the team

i get stepped on and passed over

i am depressed and never listened to

this is how i became me

i am angry

but where has it gotten me

On being me

I give the world a part of me

but i am shunned

and questioned, never given a second look

yet i give life, i give love

i think i am the lady, i am suppose to be

quiet, strong and forgiving

but with all this

this is how i became me

i am an unhappy me

but where has it gotten me?

©️Da Absentee 2011

“Perspective Change”

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As Always…

Stay Positive!!



I just wanted to tell all of my faithful followers.
Thank You!!!!
for taking the time to visit and share my work with your own circles. I have said before when I first started this blog that it had a completely different direction. Now I have fashioned it to my liking and couldn’t see it any other way.

So I am going to share something behind the scenes about my blog. I post my posts on a schedule of 3 and 5 days. It depends on the post before to say how many days after it the new one will be posted. So even tho my posts are scattered they have an order to them.

I never really understand over-posting and over-tagging. I know the point is to reach as far as possible but This is not FB or twitter or IG. Anyway if your always posting on your blog how can you be out there enjoying this thing we call life or the world around us. Even if you’re posting about it.

Ok so this post is to acknowledge that I have reached over 100 posts; and I am simply saying THANKS for following.

As Always…

Stay Positive!