“Your Course”

Clox Da Absentee


Is the fault really yours
should you have seen, known all the signs
should you have recognized
that they needed more than you
more than one
more than you could have ever provided

don’t be crazy to believe
let someone tell you, It’s all your fault
is it your fault?
don`t know…
you shouldn`t care
because as of right now
that kind of thinking
will get you nowhere

they were damaged and bruised
that’s how they were received
that’s how they came to you
threats of life taking are numbing you
if that’s what they want
let them go ahead and do it already

only thing you do now
is wait, the waiting
you need more time
you need to take this into your own hands
force it down elongate that spine

some will examine
some will say its shitty
some will call it pity
you were  trapped by vicinity
you couldn’t help
if you didn’t know how
can’t help if you don’t intervene
somehow their weak
they can’t move past hence
the past is constantly kicking their ass
if not clipped
they will attempt flight
which will be their last

You should be on a mission to cleanse
no more pretend
mind may be racing
without seeing an end
it’s a longer road than desired
but its yours
your monster, your friend
uncalculated unrestricted
your unconquerable end

© Da Absentee 2012


As Always…

Stay Positive!

“Dead Fountain”

I recall when it was new, marble base, crystal waters you could see through. That new in love, that  can’t get enough of. It would radiate in the sun and moon beams, growing momentum. Nothing between.

Giving life and besting the weather. Easily unsullied with a fraction of attention \ affection. A little love and hard times seemed to disappear. Just like they were never there, never seen. Getting back up, no matter how much you fall. At the ready; to answer the call.

No longer shifting, no reason to mingle. Heavy laden with dirt, moss and grime. It does not flow, much less sprinkle. Chipped, broken and beaten. No longer sharing, no longer giving.

A tomb for the ones with a lost for living…

© Da Absentee 2012


What we can become…

As Always…

Stay Positive!

“In This Feeling”


In this dumbfounded…
scattered architecture damaged

lost in the focus
lost in the magic
lost in the hocus pocus
scum of the earth…

my opinion of this dilemma
what dilemma?.?.

I mean purpose

searched in vain
since then plastered my spot
no map
no g.p.s.

research then analyze work
compare the abstract
finding my place…

how I got here,
no clue
no one guiding on what to do

had good company
told me to
do what I do
with no data to compare to

this life
dangerous roads
even with no turns
yet constant yearn
draws into the feeling

darkened eyes, numb body
frozen brain
brings you to associate
and become deaths friend
perched on a ledge
contemplating death
tipsy leaning…
stealing the air
from my swollen chest…

© Da Absentee 2011



A moment of trying to figure out what this life is really about… What is my purpose there in… Not being in the best of moods.

As Always..

Stay Positive!