“She’s Beautiful” Update


One of my followers dropped me a special gift. She recorded and sent me a copy of her version of “She’s Beautiful”

I am so honored and humbled by her showing her support. Proud; to feel that I have inspired someone with my words. Thanks Smitten!

You can connect and follow Smitten on her >> Blog Smitten’s Blog is 100% personal sharing her life as she sees fit. You are forewarned that she can have explicit material but it is totally worth your wild to be drawn into and share in her world.

So join me by giving her a SHOUTOUT!! On a job well done! You can listen to Smitten’s rendition in the player below!…

As Always…
Stay Positive!

“Point Break”

When did you arrive?
How did you arrive?
Did you boil?
Did you bubble up inside?
When is it enough?
How is it enough ?
Were you in denial?
Did it seem fake?
When did you learn?
How did you learn ?
Making the same mistakes…
Its become a choice.
Are you not the least concerned?
You say you hurt;
yet forward looks a lot like reverse.
You`ve been victimized…
By love and her cohorts.
So when is it quits?
When do you stop putting up with the shit?
When do you react for you?
take away its control
and get back to what’s best for you…
The act of only loving you….
© Da Absentee 2012
Sometimes we have to shake off the negative people and things in our lives. Sometimes we have to ask  “when is enough, enough?” When will we stop hurting ourselves to possibly make the negative better? How about making yourself better?
As Always…
Stay Positive!


Attempt your goals like birds at flight
with the absence of light
tunnels can come to scatter…

Everything becomes black
becomes one
no walls , no fraction
use knowledge as a candle.

Become the wick that burns through
thinking the thoughts  that bring light to you
someone is  always saying something
establish strength, flaws and foes
be the rising sun
make the cock-crow.

for what you reap you sow
all things need time to grow
so you can spot a change in flow
do all the good things once more
repeat positive outcomes like before…

© Da Absentee 2011


As Always…

Stay Positive!

“Thoughts – 20”


In dark corners
someone abandoned the child
with pain hidden
street cold eyes
getting older
staying high
red shot
but not done crying
lonesome nights
unwanted homes
money, chrome
loving husband
beautiful home
held by pincers
held by crabs
telling  you
you can’t win
weigh down like slabs
knifes ready
so they back stab
laying in the shadow of street-lights
hiding from night lights

i`m praying you change
make differences
to your life…

© Da Absentee 2012


When all the hurt in your life has come to a head, you feel like your back is against a wall, enemies, situation, and life is doing nothing but holding you down you have no more tears to be shed… This is when I hope you tell yourself… Get up. There are changes to be made. I’m going to stay positive, adapt, and move forward…

As Always…

Stay Positive!