“Thoughts – 28”

There is remorse
in having to admit
The kinks in your armor
Any sign of weakness
Spilling of your soul
Something hurtful to confess
A spot of soft flesh.

Putting anything on the line
Out in the open
There are riddles
That should be left unspoken
Examples of not being

All you can be
How can you live with not being you

Another one for the pile
Of interrogation
On the subject of…

“Who should I be?..”
© Da Absentee 2015
As Always…
Stay Positive!IMG_0244

Everywhere I Go…

Everywhere I go
No matter where I go
I know I take you with me…

wherever I go
no matter where I go
I know your here with me…

I live our memories
I carry you in my heart
wherever I go…

your always with me
everywhere I go
wherever I go…

unbeknownst the layers are thick
bloodline carry unique demographic

roads traveled; long
I don`t understand the words
automatic somethings we build on

heart in tune
the rhythm to my spine
I understand… undeniable time

working all day
with stress piling on
caffeinated drink in my hand
that’s not going cut it for too long
got you on my back telling me I’m wrong
feel like a slave
and I need me a song
cuz im here holding on
and with that said “I’m goin carry on”

you left me in the flames of the day light
knowing you weren’t going to extinguish me by night
seeking for at least one way to get right
but I`m alright

and I see and I know
i`m at peace with no fear
i`m ready to go
the devil is calling
my clock ticks slow
clouds ride and sit low…

everywhere i go…

© Da Absentee 2012

“Pressure To Perform”

Chronic love
ready hold you steady
tight cuddle… teddy
Dont know if im ready
the thought of
the attempt of
to make love
last long
love strong
I dont even understand
what & why men put so much emphasis on
have all this pressure to perform
so being a man
i know plenty have the urge to cheat
do what we can
to cum strong
stay long
keep that hard on
experience ed or premature
but for everything your going to be good at
you gotta prepare for
men have become lazy
dont wanna work for nothing
not even proper gratification
love satisfaction
then have the nerve to complain
about negative reactions…

Da Absentee (c) 2012


“What I Don’t Know”

The answers to the questions of my world lie within these pages
within these lines, within another time
I can`t answer or find them now
these choice words are just being written
in mass confusion, in a mask of confusion

I lock my heart expeditiously,
I make nothing seen; I don’t leave a mark that would betray me
I see the monsters, see the monster
the one I created… in turn created me
I am what I think… I think to create…

Life is too short
to dwell on
from and through my mistakes
must adapt, must move on
consider new states
these words, these lines
my escape…


© Da Absentee 2014


As Always…

Stay Positive!

“In A Small Space”


Plenty or a lot,
some or a little left to go
I don’t really know
seems like someone always has somewhere important to go
its times like this
tight recycled air
germs percolate from who knows where
in crowded spaces
unknown faces to distant places
like vultures circle ready to feed
If they succeed at the task ahead
resting bed
pillow, sheets and seats for weary heads
let’s get this day going
so we can bring it to its end
do it right the first time
so we don’t have to do again
i`m already far from home
so I don’t need to pretend
just use this silence to pick up my pen
traffic moves fast-slow
wind blows as I sit
inspiration flows
all waiting for transportation I suppose
who knows why the auto goes
17 in taught circulation
all with hesitation
waiting to arrive at destinations
I have no idea why we are waiting
watching everything go by the window
thinking of what all it could be
after all the time spent
we look for the right pursuit
the right suit, the right shoes
the don’t
the do`s
even the who`s
repentance and purges
subsiding the uncontrollable urges
humanitarian and national service
I don’t see the difference
nor instance
detailing on edge and hanging from railings
knowing i`m living with
fear of failing 

© Da Absentee 2012


This was written while  in a greyhound bus waiting for new passengers from transfers. These are just thoughts of how or why in this moment  we 17 people ended up together, in this small space…

As Always…

Stay Positive!