Fill My Drift…

These days
my thoughts always drift to you. Imagining how you feel.
The right courses of touch.
Your taste and how I would fluff.
Bask in the details
and the curves of your tail.
Floating on air of in/exhale.
How to lead you to bliss.
These are the only things that nowadays…
fill my drift…

(C) Da Absentee 2014

As Always…
Stay positive!


“One Definition”

Love strong
last forever
bring it on
infinity… carry on
center of attraction
just born
so I call you song
legend lives on
I want to lay my head on
hear your voice 
waves in my world
find their calm
so nothing can be harmed
individuals mesmerized by your ways and charm
you’re the queen
every bee wants to swarm…
© Da Absentee 2012
For all the beautiful creatures that God placed on this earth to accompany Man… This is “One Definition”. My definition.
As Always…
Stay Positive!

“Next To You…”

Broken Glass

I’m lost
I’m torn
I’m troubled
I see if I can escape
To places where I should not be
I can’t return
Crossed over
Crossed that place in time
Crossed that line
I know where I want to be
Know where I need to be
It’s not the same as where I am
Or where I should be
Fragments of me
Lost in memory
My thoughts
Not perfect
I long for the past
The present can stay
I think of those choice days
I could reconfigure
To change my steps
Realign what I need to do
So I can end up…

Next to you…

© Da Absentee 2013


Dedicated to the “Ones” who got away! It’s the whole go back in time and “What would I do different?” question. It’s me telling my past love that I didn’t even know I had; of the desire to change history to be with them. It’s the sadness that comes with knowing that such things will and cannot ever happen…???

As Always…

Stay Positive!




I can’t begin to chronicle what has been taken away…

…the events that has led me to this…

I’ve walked away before but here I am,

only once more,

praying you indulge me like before.

It’s just so strong…

this force, your presence, these feelings

that guide me to you… even turn…

I find my way to you.

So foolish to want that which I can’t have…

but oh so tempting and juicy…

that fruit of forbidden flavors…

that nectar; I have in my hands

and can’t attempt to savor…

to partake… a burden I care not to bare…

Oh How My Heart Breaks!

Couldn’t I just take you?

…of course… I can…

It’s just time and planning… isn’t it


I think it would be easy…..

It would be….e…a…s..y…

to lay down and die for pleasure’s gain,

cry blood for heaven again,

give love despite my hearts pain…

But it was me who placed my form in tortures midst..

it’s me that took what I wanted…

Now it’s me that’s going to stand firm against it

Or stand firm until my human nature consumes me…

placing myself in the midst of this fury of feelings I have

Yes…these feelings I have…

I know their pure of heart… but their still bad…

Can I be forgiven for where they have gone?

Can I ?

I’ve already pressed the fruit across my lips,

hoping to bite

it smells so sweet…

and my strength,… my will is eluding me.


It can’t and shouldn’t be…

the lust for it is getting the best of me…

It’s folding around and holding all of me,

where’s divine intervention, when I need it in front of me?

Just brush it against my teeth,

just one press and I’ll be in heaven.

on a moments high…

I’d like to retreat…

but I’ve gone past the point of reason…

trying to hold on to sanity….

I’m living and seeing it; and still can’t explain it…

I want it, even tho you forbade it…

I’m Going To Have IT!!

Even if I have to… detain it!

…teeth sunken in,

nectar rolls on my tongue,

heart fulfilled,

I’m so high…

consequence eludes this moment

I’m just living for this……….

………YOU and I

© Dual Perspective 2011


I havent added any of these pieces to the site in a long time and well it was something on twitter that got me thinking of this one.  So I decided to share. For those of you who are new Dual Perspective is a joint venture where my partner and I split the creative process right down the middle of every poem. Each piece is written in a “perspective”. Examples would be  male and female, pros and cons, one person, love or lust. Personally I am very fond of the ones where it appears only one person has written it. Well all the work follows the same tone and its a good size of work we have together. So I hope you guys enjoy. Please feel free to tell me what you think.

“Forbidden” is about wanting or lusting after someone or something you cannot or should not have. The struggle knowing what is right and what is wrong and how you choose to act upon those feelings.

If anyone is interested in checking out the other poems already posted from Dual Perspective I am adding the link to the “category” to this post here>>>

As Always…

Stay Positive!

“Part, Spiritual”

From hence and moments after
Goal… Capture…
Quintessence; no matter where it may lead,
Or go

We love each others soul
parts we know… parts we understand;
test of time?
Hardest to obtain, difficulty in explaining.

Out of body – transfigured – heavenly plain

After all defenses are down
all walls broken,

heart and mind…
Equally open…

Time; Trust; Reverence and Comprehending.

That part of me, factually all of me…
Infallible, absolute, uncontaminated; unexaggerated…

Is what I give to you,
this would show how much I love you.

How extensive I want our love to be
this is the part where i`ve given…
and you have…

all of me…

© Da Absentee 2011



The second installment of a 3 part series . Rooted in the “Fabrics Of Me” theme. It is a reflection of how I think we love people we are romantically involved with. Spiritual, Mental, Physical. My basic interpretations.

As Always…

Stay Positive!