Scribbles – 24

I miss you…
Wherever you are
Attempting to find the words
That would bring me to you
Im lost in my thoughts
Its simple… what could i do?
To let you know…
I miss you…


“On Being Family”



Much to say
being who we are
thick water
sons, daughters
protectors and friends

know how and when
not where it ends
time never separate bonds
no matter
how colorful or rude
it’s who you are

we love for who we are
not what we want each other to be

don’t have to talk
to understand
good plus rough
we don’t need solutions
just an attentive ear

on being family
just know
I am here
thankful to be blessed
by all your years
it would not be the same
without you here

like any occasion
we get together
to celebrate or mourn
it’s the time together
that keeps the heart warm

© Da Absentee 2011


I really don’t write about my family much. Even tho I know I owe them the most for how my brain works and how I view things in my life. If it wasnt for them I would not be me; but in my latter life I distanced myself from them. This is just to say I love them no matter how it may seem. It is not what it looks like.

As Always…

Stay Positive!

“Thoughts On Family”


They never bring smiles
frustration maybe
disapproval and frowns
backward thinking
havent seen that in a while
I know I do the same
hopefully that’s shrinking
unlike this page for inking
it brings an understanding
resentment and revelation
willing participation
it’s for this is why I took the vacation

© Da Absentee 2012


I purposely moved far away from my family. It was everything negative that they had to bring that made me have to distance myself. I love them all the same. I am here if they need me, after all they are family. I love them for who they are, not for what I want them to be.

As Always…

Stay Positive!

“Thoughts – 15”

always in darkness for a while
even the most resilient
sometimes find it hard to smile
not staying in touch
does not mean
I don’t love you as much
I will sacrifice
to be there
frozen under 3 inches of ice
passed on to the afterlife
I would be back just to make it right
for what you’re going through
battle demons to support you
I know im not always there for you
but when i`m there
i`ll always come through

© Da Absentee 2011


I figure I have my moments of clarity. I would like to think that this was a great passage of time. Even tho this write came about because of not being able to put magnificent words together; in a moment of what I would call my writer’s block. This is what comes out of it .

It’s so many people we have that come into our lives that we would want to do the best by them. This is dedicated to the people in my life that make me want to perform at my best at all times so that I will never let them down. I know as a father, brother, son, family member and best friend, I have people counting on me and that if I so happened not to be around one day I would be missed…

As Always…

Stay Positive!


“Looking Through The Phone”

-male verse-

-female verse-



This year has gone by so quickly;

and time seems to be not enough whenever you’re with me,


I’m looking at the picture of me and you,

smiling at the thought of me and you.


Singing “Thank God I Found You”;

I really don’t know how and what I would do without you,


Can’t wait till I get to see you;

how I’ve missed you.


Knowing that “I Belong To You” keeps me oh so… optimistic!!


I count the moments until “At Last” you’re here with me

I suppose this is what love is or could be…

This cloud nine feeling you’ve given me.

It can only be “Real Love”.


That makes it seem so “Unbreakable”;

that makes this seem so capable,


Scrolling these words and photos of you;

yes my heart does grow fonder when ”I Can’t Get Next To You”.


This instrument has become our life line,

our land line …

My reach you anytime; so I purposely keep it near,

And purposely hold it dear,

here, by my heart.


Even though most of the time is time apart;

all of our time is time well spent

Scratch That




Loving our togetherness!

These pictures, like stolen memories, take me back to those times.


Looking through my phone

is like living in those times, pictures, messages, songs

keep me and you intertwined;


You really got a hold on me.


 © Dual Perspective 2011



Continuing with sharing from the DP project. So many relationships nowadays rely on our handheld technology. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the same town, long distance, across the oceans. Its been the death and success to so many relationships. This of course is the positive side.

As part of the prompt we incorporated song titles into the writing!

As Always…

Stay Positive!