Getting Nowhere

-unknown author-

On being a mother;

i shelter and protect, put there needs first

i lose myself and i lose respect.

this is how i became me

i am alone

so where has it gotten me

On being a wife

i gave him all of my life

i am a shadow of my former self

and he dares to tell me

i am not myself

this is how i became me

i am support

but where has it gotten me

On being a friend

i encourage and share my secrets with them

i lose trust and they unbalance my zen

and they say i act like

i am better than them

this is how i became me

i am therapist

but where has it gotten me

On being a co-worker

i work hard and play for the team

i get stepped on and passed over

i am depressed and never listened to

this is how i became me

i am angry

but where has it gotten me

On being me

I give the world a part of me

but i am shunned

and questioned, never given a second look

yet i give life, i give love

i think i am the lady, i am suppose to be

quiet, strong and forgiving

but with all this

this is how i became me

i am an unhappy me

but where has it gotten me?

©️Da Absentee 2011

“Perspective Change”

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As Always…

Stay Positive!!

“Life Coach”

They have gathered
they have fallen
I see history; present and future
laid out in front of me
a glow in the background
not looking at it
rather it’s  looking at me
I slow myself
so that I realize
this is what my life is to be
a provider, protector, preacher
healer, caregiver, advisor
historian, teacher
and sculptor
they come crying
so I give them a shoulder
offer wisdom and insight
cultivate effective hindsight
help and make them see right
I know where they come from
I can guide them to where they are going
to where they belong
without knowing
they learn from my example
they will take and remix,
everything they were taught
take and use it like samples
before I can see it
they will be carving a path all on their own
I will remain here steady
as they fly high
run the lines or dig in low
they look to me to teach what they do not know
i`m proud, I am amazed
they look up to me with so much praise
they are the reason I sleep for days
toil at nights
lose sleep and start fights
today they are the reason I write
I hold a person in my hands
I have taken up the mantle of man
to be a way to protect the future
leave my marks in the sand
I couldn’t even dream of being that man
the one who left it all behind
to be selfish, to be scared
they are life that can give you life
staring as they sleep
the day is wrapped up, the day is complete
still like an autumns fallen leaf
its been a long day; they have fallen lifeless and dead
its time they were off to bed…

© Da Absentee 2012


I have kids … So as I see them all knocked and sprawled out in front of a tv that’s watching them sleep, this one came to mind. I know there are a lot of parents that feel the same way I do. The sad thing is there are some who feel the exact opposite of what I do. So this is dedicated to the parents who have owned and lived up to there responsibilities. No matter how good or how bad they may be…

As Always…

Stay Positive!

“One Look At Things”

Envision subtleties
little differences 
I own only my zone of comfort
own my solitude
surrounded by average reason
average region
collision appealing
conflict about hitting the ceiling
time and life reeling
it must be a movie
fiction and make-believe
real life cant be so condemning
the race we run
to which we are dying
even less gratifying
gravity is a hinderance
souls pass with deliverance
we pray the young do better
we write letters
share thoughts
we live for us
but lost our hearts
there is no more smiles
no more thanks
no more “how do you do”
we have become
gotten rude
everything seems to want to tell us
what to do
how to live 
how to give
how to respond
“we” are  eventually what`s wrong 
we live for the future
but we need the past to stand on
roots are gone
we don`t acknowledge
don`t accept
losing self-respect
tossing it away
for whats next
we are flimsy in comparison
to previous generations
someone will tell me I am mistaken
but these are my thoughts
so I am and will not be easily…

© Da Absentee 2012


As  we get older we tend to think of things in certain ways.  What they once were, what they are, and what they could be. This is a nod to getting older and comparing the differences in the modern world as we know it. As parents wanting more for our kids. Seeing that activities that were an everyday occurrence have now been deemed “recreation”. To me it seems to carry a negative connotation.  Knowing that we as people have become a weaker species than our elders before us. Morals and decency are a luxury. Common courtesy is a thing of the past. The word “privacy” is followed by question marks..??? Last but not least the way “someone or something or some entity” seems to want to stuff their belief, ideals and thoughts down our throats, like we cant figure out anything for ourselves. I don’t want or need any hand-holding. Everyone before us had their own learning experiences. These things are a part of life. We should have the right to enjoy or hate them and grow from and through them…

As Always…

Stay Positive!

“On Her Way”

on her way
traveling air
times precise
fresh ocean air
water everywhere
pointless showers
fresh lush
purple, red, yellow, pink flowers
lizards… mostly curly tail
people bronzed
burnt instead of pale
snow bird girl
ready to take on the world
diverse in her new world
not from here
yet familiar with here
embarks to find herself
out here

© Da Absentee 2012


Sat down to write and my daughter came to mind. I was thinking of our trip down to Florida when she started her freshman year when I was helping her move in. The first time she was going to be away for so long.  “Leaving the nest” and this is my own revelation on the aspect of baby girl growing up.

As Always…

Stay Positive!

Education Not For Everyone?

Education can be and probably is the best way for our communities and people to rise above today’s current standards.We as people should use the resource of education to help overcome all aspects of negative world happenings. We have to use it as a driving force that would make available to us the common luxuries and securities that any normal person would want.

“Knowledge is Power” this is so true but I have also heard one to many times over the years that “College is Overrated”.  After coming of age and the positioning myself in this world, that statement is now and forever… wrong!  In today’s world having the opportunity to attend an institution of higher education and thinking is quite possibly the only way to travel the path of life.

Having grown and developed at a disadvantage. I took the example of my parents and ran with it. They themselves never attending college but being rather more successful than most with lists of accomplishments that could be considered above average.Yet… they to have fallen. They could not properly sustain their success even though being more than capable.

In today’s ever-changing, technological, light-speed global economy we should strive to help position ourselves and our offspring to heights well beyond our own undertakings. Some of us have grown up in environments where covering the bills was considered a way of life.  Just “Having Enough” will do and “I’m a Survivor” and I will “Make due with What I have”. Not saying these forms of thinking is wrong or neglectful but do we not want more from ourselves and  lives?

The less or uneducated man is least likely to succeed. Just a high school diploma to progress is not enough. For our young people to have any chance of a healthy, fulfilling and comfortable lifestyle we have to educate them!

I think of my nieces and nephews when I say “I wish I could afford to send them to school to better themselves.” 1 or 2 may get scholarships, toil away at the system and turnout alright, but I want more for them.

We as people have been victimized for many years, this should not put us in a place where we have no desire to better ourselves just because. We have to instill in our up and coming generations that higher education is a necessity. That they are incomplete without it and it will make them a more contributing individual to society as a whole. They can never know who they are in the appropriate timeline unless they engage the muscle of the mind so that it can afford them to be all they can be.

Is it not forward thinking and reasoning outside the common place where inventors have excelled even the inventions and innovations out of a basic need still needed to be perfected; by an educated mind.  Blueprints, mass production, the internet… was not conjured up by the simple-minded. It took know how and education to bring these things to light .

As parents and role models we have the “privilege” to imprint the future inhabitants of our world who will undoubtedly control and or play a major part in our own well-being. We being the elders who will one day depend on these/our young to maintain and facilitate our coming and goings. We should hold the responsiblity gravely and ensure these future leaders are the best at what they do. We have to educate the young people and remind them that “failure to educate” is an option to die for.

In exploring this entry, I have found myself at a point of explanation. I know my writing has focused on college education. This does not mean that I do not believe in the search for knowledge in other venues and streams. I also mean to say I believe this standard should start from the person on the floor to the guy up in the office.


Hairdressers: Should take some form of accounting and business administration courses so they can have a full background to make their business profitable and able to sustain. Knowing not every professional stylist is going to open their own establishment but in the event they decide to. They will be ready or equipped to tackle the endeavor.

Education by definition:: (the act or process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge, developing the powers of reasoning and judgment, and generally of preparing oneself or others intellectually for mature life.)

That definition is what we should strive for…

As Always…

Stay Positive!