“Who Are You Really?”

Your life is not suppose to be this hard
who said it was supposed to be easy.
who said everything is going to go as planned
matter of fact!
who told you, you were going to get everything you want.
who are you to ask for more than you need
what work have you put in?
where have you paid your dues
what makes you think you can fill someone else shoes.

© Da Absentee 2013


I can go on & on about people who feel entitled to things in life. this is my brief rant.

As Always…

Stay Positive!

“Mindless Reaching…”

Thoughts revolving
attempt at problem solving
constant revolution
to bring about
drift with confusion
relations, figures and facts
odds & ends
a way to always back track
foreshadow & what could have been
stitches in time
stitches in seams
disappointment with enlightenment
north flowing streams
forgotten things
from unattached strings…

© Da Absentee 2011


Looking deep inside to see what I can find…

As Always…

Stay Positive!

“Before Walking In”


The attempt now is to rid the air
the space up there in my head
the nervousness and anticipation is setting in
I can feel the knots trying to tighten
my back stiffening
I feel like i`m in the 3rd person
looking in, moving on
but not in motion
I will not lose focus
I will never be hopeless
they have gathered to pick my brain
break me apart
examine a few parts
find how I tick
its hard not being fake
its hard knowing, realizing
that what you’re saying is not bullshit
I come with aspirations of progress, of knowledge, time well spent
can I convey my intent
show my time WAS well spent
like I said…
an attempt.
Right now, was to clear the mind
before i`m torn and disassembled to bits
I will walk in with the mind frame…
I got this …

© Da Absentee 2012


I was interviewing for a new position at work. I didn’t get the job but it was well worth the experience. It was a great interruption to the norm. I didn’t expect to get the job. Even after the second interview. All in all I had fun going  through the process.

“Silly Love”


Silly love
I need your love
type i`ve been dreaming of;
makes me laugh
makes me cry
keeps me hot
to dry my eyes;
I need it there
to be the one
to make me mad
and make it fun;
I need it close
I need it far
I need you
wherever you are…

trying to reach you
let me know
is this the end
thought we got past all that
we were together
down for whatever
cool, calm, collective
couldn’t be better
before anger & frustration
before blood & emotions racing
we were one
love was true
not dazed
not confused…

everything just came
never thought
what to do?
What can I do?
Things that I want to do
where to begin?
You tied me up
but still
i`m gone with the wind
fallen into the lust & sin
don’t know if I can be without
ever again


you took
me & my heart away from here
took it somewhere
so far
told myself
I can`t be here?
You took me away from me
in that
loving you dearly
seems like we fell flat
bad times
we got that down pact
got to
got to make it up to you
sorry boo
can`t stand
the back and forth we do
but I needed it
like I need you


silly love
I need your love
type i`ve been dreaming of
makes me laugh
makes me cry
keeps me hot
to dry my eyes
I need it there
to be the one
to make me mad
and make it fun
I need it close
I need it far
I need you
wherever you are…

© Da Absentee 2011


Song Lyrics:

I’ve found that when I go into song writing mode I tend to keep it real simple, I don’t know if it’s a sub-conscience thing where I want everyone to understand or if it is a gift to break it down to just a linear understanding. I am always pleased with my results but knowing my mind goes so much deeper it has always been a question that I pose to myself. I guess it’s just one of the mysteries of me; the quest to be and do better, to do more. This is an attempt to breakdown one of those love-hate, bad for you but good for you, dysfunctional relationships.

As Always…

Stay Positive!

“Turn You Away”

There she goes
“oh boy, there she goes”
bad… and it shows
seen her dissect and cripple foes.

She`s what every man wants
“but does not know”
they all approach and leave dismembered
hearts trampled
“gone forever.”

She is perfect to say the least.
“She is beauty;”
but she is beast
driving possible suitors to the curb
she can destroy
only by the use of her words
“her speech”
she is impeccable to me

she is strong…
She does not need my praise
“she is flawed”
still as much of a diamond
any woman can be
but she is not
“any woman”
“to me”

she can be a hearts desire
a cool ocean breeze
she is Kelvin…
“when we speak of degrees”
soft sweet serenade
on a sunny day
she is shade
your iced lemonade

she is earthy, whole, passionate, unrelenting
so she never folds
the answer to the question
“what is life”
yet she is cold

wet, blurry, howling as a stormy night
for every companion that would darken her door
attempt to enter her section
“to her…”
before they have even approached
they were the wrong selection

even tho righteous
she makes herself a treasure
they can not afford
they will
“can never be on her accord”
for she is a brick as tall and as long
as the eye can see
she is dangerous…
life taking
as a hurricane sea

she is what every man wants but does not know
she can turn you away as Alaskan waters chill to the bone
“she should not be alone”
but no companion
will ever be chose
she locks her heart
behind a door that will always be closed.

She sees it as protection…
“For the evil men may do”
one was guilty so all others are too
are untrustworthy…
family has fallen short
“they’re nobody”
it seems like lies
that don’t hold up in court.

so maybe a gesture
of love and insecurity
will somehow
be introduced…
to brighten the day she doesn`t turn a possible love…


© Da Absentee 2011


This one is dedicated to the perfect women who turn all men away, or are unable to give themselves the opportunity to find love. For whatever reason it maybe. I hope you all find happiness someday…

Don’t forget to hit up the audio link below to hear my interpretation of this poem!

“Turn You Away”

As Always…

Stay Positive!