“Thoughts – 19”


I hate to hear them cry
how far we`ve come
how hard we`ve tried
can’t do for self
really ?
you need someone else
to tell you how your suppose to feel inside
many abuse the system
plus abused by the system
have a voice and wont use it
have life and refuse it
refuse to live
refuse to do their part
I don’t appreciate the lack of heart
picture not having
and still knowing worse
privilege is a blessing
but also curse
someone always takes your view
and applies it in reverse

© Da Absentee 2012


Going through a phase of not knowing what to write but wanting to write. Theses thoughts came out. It’s about those people in this world who seem to always have a problem that they themselves never know how to fix but everyone else should fix it for them.

As Always…

Stay Positive!


“Before Walking In”


The attempt now is to rid the air
the space up there in my head
the nervousness and anticipation is setting in
I can feel the knots trying to tighten
my back stiffening
I feel like i`m in the 3rd person
looking in, moving on
but not in motion
I will not lose focus
I will never be hopeless
they have gathered to pick my brain
break me apart
examine a few parts
find how I tick
its hard not being fake
its hard knowing, realizing
that what you’re saying is not bullshit
I come with aspirations of progress, of knowledge, time well spent
can I convey my intent
show my time WAS well spent
like I said…
an attempt.
Right now, was to clear the mind
before i`m torn and disassembled to bits
I will walk in with the mind frame…
I got this …

© Da Absentee 2012


I was interviewing for a new position at work. I didn’t get the job but it was well worth the experience. It was a great interruption to the norm. I didn’t expect to get the job. Even after the second interview. All in all I had fun going  through the process.

“Our Common State”


walk through a garden
soil, un-tilled, dry and coarse
leaves wilted and hardened
rocks aside and water given
problem with progression
moving and giving some things not worth repeating

valley low to mountain high
flags raised, alarms sound
obtain tactics to scare
whats wrong
from sky to sand we walk on

life source depleting
under privileged not eating
wives and kids abused… beaten
no mercy given

society has no reason to hire me
oppression tires me
minds chopped and screwed

myself …
thankful for being so blessed
putting my life’s soul to the test
I don’t have everything
but im up again going for the rest
we deserve what we work for and get

young become parents
so there is faulty foundation
tell me
dimensions for the next generation
what are they rendered and grown out from
abortions, high murder rate,
economic downfall, high interest rates
not to mention all this hate
this is the worst … developing some of the hardest things to break

looking for love
so it can vibrate,
we meditate
trying to elevate
issues we must solve, resolve and dissolve
if we are ever to reach our proper place

© Da Absentee 2012


Just thinking of the world we live in and how or what can I do to help change it. Change it for the better. After all we call it “home” we should attempt to clean and fix it up.

As Always…

Stay Positive!

“A Couple’s Prayer”

Dear Lord,
we come to you humble and meek
your forgiveness and guidance, we seek.
We praise you for your undying grace
by giving us each other you also filled the other empty space
not only do we wish to be fortified in the spirit
Lord. To you; our relationship we`d like to commit
for without you…
There`s no foundation
the ship would surely sail for this relation
aware of our weaknesses we pray for strength
to our years together; dear Lord add length
mold us into images of your desire
purify us wonderful Sanctifier
let us be patient
let us be kind, let us be all that love defines
help us not to fall into despair
humble us to spread Your Love, Your Care
protect our love, not to be touched by others
keep us as pure siblings, children and lovers
not to be broken by the devils` interferance
keep us in your arms from hence
influence us to be strong
to love and be separated no matter how long
let us love each other
as we together love you Lord
in closing
we ask for you to continue to bless us
together as one
we say thank you…


I just felt like sharing.

Stay Positive!

“Encouragement Cycled”






Attempt your goals like birds at flight
with the absence of light;
tunnels can come to scatter.

Everything becomes black becomes one
no walls no fraction;
use knowledge as a candle
become the wick that burns through
thinking the thoughts that bring light to you.

Somebody’s always saying something
establish strength, flaws and foes
be the rising sun make the cock-crow
for what you reap you sow.
All things need time to grow
so you can spot a change in flow.

do all the good things once more
positive outcomes
like before…


© Da Absentee 2011


There is so much negativity in this world. Do we really need to add more? So many people just throw hate and envy and bad intentions. This one is dedicated to uplifting everyone including yourself.

Stay Positive…

Click on the link below to listen to the audio of this poem:

“Encouragement Cycled”