She’s Beautiful…

Yes I am
An identity all my own.

I am X & Y

at the same time

Boxed by the ignorant, 

shallow minded and feeble

I have no self-esteem issues

Nothing wrong with me

Nothing wrong with the collection of things

I call “self”


Nothing askew with my personality 

faults are in my environment 

I can 

I will 

rule the world


Guide to the new century

The world is in its place 

where it needs to be

Revolving around me

They say I lost my “voice” 

To attract the boys 

Lost & misplaced myself  

to gain appeal

Stifling my opinions, interests & self worth 

We know 

I know 

esteem grows as I grow

I am far from fragile

Not conflicted

I am not fraud

Who dares to say “I… am worthless”

I am not ambivalent 

I have a higher moral resolve than all these boys

more ethical

I can express my opinions 

I share what I am thinking

Express what’s important to me

Essential to the blueprint of the future


Share whats on my mind

I can be the cause of wars 

Transformed into a muse 

Suffered the timeless abuse

With a voice stronger than some 

Initial instinctual protection

I own my intelligence

Dabble in appearance 

That man can not produce

What I speak becomes truth

One day

They will look and say…

She’s beautiful…

© Da Absentee 2015

As Always…

Stay Positive!



Lyric :

Look at this,

I’m on your wall

Kinda strung out flexing, bending

Wearing your body out

………I’m speechless

My body language

has said more than my mouth

…..conversation seems endless,

but we got much more to say,

debate, but wait

I barely know your name


Absentee :

You shouldn’t have had let it happen

any rough seas… I navigate like a captain

I’m whats happening!

You had one too many and I took “full” advantage

from now on, I know you’ll be back …

held captive

my words, my style, my swag, that’s all it took

but you knew that’s not all I had

my name… it was just a second

all you had ta do was ask

and now your all tapped out…

empty glass!!


Lyric :

Naw I played drunk

I’ve always been in control,

I knew what I wanted

When I saw the way that you strolled

Into the room,

I’ve no need for the name

But I’d like to sing its tune,

I could tell you had rhythm

just not like this,

Who could have imagined

This night would end in such a body kiss


Absentee :

Its aiight…

tryna say I was the fool

its aiight…

Ima take it in strides

cuz I’m just dat cool

body kiss, body hold, body lock…

I heard you say stop…

talking bout control

I didn’t stop…

so ya body had ta fold…

but I’ll admit it was good.

cuz u was just dat hot

and ya body was just dat “cold”


Lyric :

Realize this isn’t the start,

it was the end from we began

I lived for this moment

it’s so good, I can’t pretend

but this moment is just one

an urge or fiend overdue,

from this moment forth

I’ve no interest in seeing you

not breathe you, not feel you,

not want you, not need you,

you were that

“just gotta have”

urge, the moment my eyes held you,

we sweat, we kissed, we’ve done all so grand

we’ll now part, but to let you know

you were a great one night stand.!


© Dual Perspective 2011



This is another from my Dual Perspective – Lost In Our Thoughts undertaking. More poems will trickle in over time. I like this one for the playful banter that it had. There are actually a few poems like this flirtatious, and cocky… Loved working together with Lyric.

If any of you are interested in the DP project here is the link to the Category Page>>

I would like to thank all of you; in this space. that faithfully take the time out to come back with every post  to sit and indulge in my mind. Its appreciated and seen. 

As Always…

Stay Positive!

“Inspector #9”

I don’t carry a clipboard, pen or badge
self-appointed; if it’s a career one can havewhen I go in,
in-between the fence and doors
they let me in

I turn on all the lights
I do inspections during the day
but highly prefer at night

the handbook I lay faith in
always leads me to the bottom
after my initial look over

Looking into the cracks of the establishment
and I go through all the meat
I taste, poke, lick and suck
glove and probe if need be

I like to search all the folds
to insure its clean

I ask management how is landscaping done
manicure checked
if utensils are washed after every rotation

I ask for samples and a self-evaluation
I like the business to show confidence
even in frustration

weird positions, odd jobs and the turn over rate
if I don’t like the answers
I possibly check back at a later date

I search for hot zones, check boiling points
services offered
what it looks for in a lucrative relationship

I ask for future goals and employee aspirations
as I do my inspection
I don’t see nothing wrong with a one way conversation

I like to focus on the task at hand
fill my hands…
mouth and nostril glands
looking for the essence
and where we both stand

I have a job to do
and I do it as I am.

© Da Absentee 2011
Having fun with expression…  I always think that my Erotic Poetry speaks for its self…
As Always…
Stay Positive!

“One Definition”

Love strong
last forever
bring it on
infinity… carry on
center of attraction
just born
so I call you song
legend lives on
I want to lay my head on
hear your voice 
waves in my world
find their calm
so nothing can be harmed
individuals mesmerized by your ways and charm
you’re the queen
every bee wants to swarm…
© Da Absentee 2012
For all the beautiful creatures that God placed on this earth to accompany Man… This is “One Definition”. My definition.
As Always…
Stay Positive!

“Speaking In Code”

Wanted you to know what I hear when you start speaking in code…
You try to be to a lady… So u wont confirm what I already know…

“What! … You did this to me…”

That’s you blaming me for making you the biggest freak you could be.

“You want some a your liquor tonight”

You want me to go deep, spank you and last all night.

“I want you to make love to me”

No hard fucking… You want me to finger you to make you cum.

You need me to play in dat pussy; like someone told me to get it done… and to finish…

you have, to have me on top looking in your eyes and hitting it slow… Until i let go.

“We need to go to a hotel”

You wanna get some good fucking in, so after we finish just a simple rub of my fingers can make you cum again…

“I wanna taste you”

Your gunna suck my dick like you making love to it.

“It don’t stay on anyway”

That’s you asking me why i buy you lingerie…

“I`m ready to do my favorite”

You want me to put it in your ass… Thats just your low-key way to ask!

“Oh God”

Your about to peak…

“Da. Da. Da…. Da”

You forgot how to speak…

“Oh Shit!”

Damn… that’s good

“Damn… That`s good”

Does really mean, Damn… That`s good.


Your about tapped out…

When you gimme that sly eye; with the puckered lip.

That’s you telling me to come and get it. That it’s all good and you been in the mood…

I`m not going to go thru the whole list… I just felt like telling you some of the favorites.

© Da Absentee 2010


Really when you get to know someone through and through. Y ou sometimes develop your own language between each other. You end up sharing in different ways…

After writing this one I had the idea to right a more general one for everyone. So here is the link for part 2. Check it out >>>


As Always…

Stay Positive!