When your listening…

Things work a little different.

When your thinking…

Your day progresses smoother…

When its over…

Let it be over.

Talking about doing something.

Doing something.


Also something’s…

These things; are all different things.

Stop causing the pain.

Stop loving the wrong way…

Seconds grew up to hours

Days grew up to months

To be honest.

You need to turn “enough” into an equation

So you can figure out when “its” not working.

Figure out when its not healthy.

You can do better apart than together…

Im only on the outside glaring in.

I dont need a bible to call the shit your doing a sin…


©️Da Absentee 2019


As Always…


Stay Positive!


These thoughts I have


See different light

Can you compose a scene in light /bright colors

Yet call the finish product “a dark night”?….

These thoughts I had are ever changing.

If i complain “with” facts.

Cant that be called “blaming”?…

These thoughts i wish to have.

Of good times with a smoother path.

Every night.

The drive to get there

Could ultimately cut my “living” in half…

These thoughts; all these thoughts

Hold me down

Conform with gravity

Keep my feet on the ground

Fighter for a rematch…

See you next time around…

©️Da Absentee 2019

As Always…

Stay Positive!

Answering the Questions…

Sorry for the confusion…

Thank you for using me to capture a thought.

On to the questions…


“How the fuck am I supposed to know?”

Your not, i should have taken the time to place an eloquent comment, with proper sentence structure and context.


“Are you friend or foe?”



“Do you know?”

I do, i have no reason to be your enemy.


“Ain’t no gray so are you going or staying?”

Staying… i am a fan


“Ain’t no gray so do you love me or do you hate me?”

Love you.


“How the fuck am I supposed to know if you don’t actually say so?”

Your not. I have to tell you.


“Are your actions the distractions or vice versa?”

My actions are my actions. No distraction.


“Ain’t no gray so are you coming or going?”

Coming. Matter fact i am always “coming” to see how its “going”.


“What does what you chose to say really mean?”

What I should have said….

This piece is cute! Love the title. I can actually picture or see you or another woman, delivering this message to a possible suitor or someone trying to pick you up. When i read it. The closing to me has hints of sarcasm that i can relate too. Also the tie with the bones, your hair and the filter makes you look very appealing. #cute


“Does it mean what i think that you think that i think it means?”

You wouldn’t know. We cant read each others minds. This setting is terrible relaying all that emotion and inference.


“Does it mean anything?”

It means i liked the post. I liked the picture.


I’m sorry for the confusion. I should have taken more care. I stepped into your space, feeling to comfortable and letting caution travel by air.


I’m sorry for the confusion. Sarcasm is funny to me. Its where you can find me more than regularly.


I’m sorry for the confusion. I love your work. I should support your work. I dont think your stupid or dumb as fuck.


I’m sorry for the confusion. Thanks for acknowledging me. I see you! Thanks for a 15 second moment of fame in your universe.


Signed your fan.


Da Absentee

“Forever Posted”

Visiting the Past… October 2012

Da Absentee

Call me
a god of the night
but  unprotected
I give light
where no one else would
some have to go out of their way
to truly appreciate me
I and my multitude of family,
duplicates and clan
I can be everywhere
yet right here
I alone
even tho in my space
I am calculated never alone
never to reach the others shine
I stand…
Yet do the same job for all
I never judge.
I see no color.
exercise no prejudice.
often neglected;
but always depended
forgotten by day
everyone passes
never think
to talk to me
never ask how’s my day
I never sleep at night
I sleep the days away
I work a night shift
you can set your clock by me
when I fail,

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