“Rest Of Your Life”

You have to let them inside
throw down your shield.
They are a trojan horse
you know what their inside yields.

Know whats inside
This person might actually know you
better than you do.

Know you more than you do.

Comprehend that when they tear you down
its only to build you up.
Overcome instances
shadow with impulse.

Butterflies you catch on stage
be able to let go.
Trusting they will and can staple
be able to help with stitching… Sew.

You must be fresh
always revolving; rotating.
Keep it new and exciting
just like when your just dating.

Help fuel dreams & complete aspirations.

Stand the test of time, give praise even when
there is no need for elation.
You have to be a friend
never let them pretend.

When they hurt; you hurt
but always have your strength to lend. 
Know that you are their circles end.

No matter the upset, disappointment or regret
you will be there in all elements.
All aspects.
That your love for them will never rest
just like striving to always be the  best…

© Da Absentee 2012


Inspired by: http://houseoffreedom.wordpress.com/2012/01/23/day-23-for-life/

This is inspired by the post above. The post just spoke volumes to me. This is what came out of those emotions.

As Always…

Stay Positive! 

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