Daydream – 1

I can easily daydream of you
small frame but nice size
just my size
I can’t see them clear
but they look like brown eyes
going to work
with an out-of-state mind state.
a little younger…
I can tell when you talk
that you still have that
“I don’t give a damn.” Hunger…
Spiced and well cooked attitude
a drop of smoke-filled air
got a sometime feeling of  “I don’t really care”
you have the minimum of same taste
I can tell by the choice of the tea
sipping in your own space
I see the long night ahead.
I see limited funds
from the work shoes
to the self-made bun
gel to hold down the loose ends
being a man all I see is sexual…
the devil in me yelling at you
the angel in me saying
respect the finger tattoo
I write just to distract my attention from you
couldn’t stand being caught again
while staring at you
not knowing what we can do; still knowing
I can easily…

Daydream of you…

© Da Absentee 2012


Random photo and what it inspired … I guess this is why I call some of my writing “escapes”…

As Always…

Stay Positive!

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